Frequently asked Questions

Why do I need a trackable watch roll?

With our trackable watch roll, you never have to worry about losing or having it stolen. The latest tracking technology ensures you can always locate it with ease, massively increasing your chances of getting it back.

Thieves will keep expensive watches in the roll, as they won’t suspect our classic leather accessory is equipped with the latest tracking technology. So, when you join the Luxcessory “club”, you can travel with your expensive wrist gear confidently and feel more relaxed than ever before!

Don’t miss out on the peace of mind Luxcessory brings.

Can I use the watch roll with other trackers than the ones offered by Luxcessory?

Yes, our hidden pockets allow you to insert any kind of tracker, as long as the dimensions are not bigger than 10x50x50mm. We recommend to use Chipolo for iOs though, for the price value given and more important it’s full compatibility Apple’s “Find My” Network.

Can I remove the tracker from the watch roll?

Yes, the pocket can be opened to access the tracker, should you want to upgrade to a later technology or simply change the battery.

How can I track my watch roll?

We are using publicly available trackers as sold on the market. Depending on the type chosen, the tracking works a bit different. Check our Support & Tipps site for more information.

Can I order the Watch Rolls without Tracker?

Yes, you can. Just select “no tracker” before adding it to the basket and enjoy a high-end leather product in the “old-school way”.

Do you ship to my country?

We are constantly improving our shipping offer, for latest information, please check the shipping calculator in the check out process or refer to our shipping overview.

Do I need a subscription to track my products?

No, our product works with all usual trackers, there are products on the market with, but also some without need for a subscription. Chipolo and Apple AirTags are free to use. So it’s your choice!

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